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A new paradigm in
the insurance market.


We provide you the safer driving experience thanks to our

insurance data knowledge,

and we certified it.

Our Values


We are an ecosystem of experts who make every moment of
your life smarter, with
the power of data.


We designed our company to support the environment, using data to allow you be more sustainable, effortless.

Our Values
Our solution
Our Solutions

A mobile integrated platform to help you manage your claims

Our Solutions

A set of B2C risk prevention services improving Customer Experience

Customer care

Emergency services
and roadside assistance

Driving behaviour and statistics

Car finder

 Personalised traffic info

Stolen Vehicle 
Recovery service


Check insurance 

Compare petrol prices

Parental Control

The Platform sends a push notification on-demand when the vehicle exits or re-enters the target area

Moving vehicle alert

The Platform sends a push notification when the vehicle moves with the engine turned OFF/ON

Real-time support
Find a repair shop, find an agency, request an  on-site visit

Customer Experience
Social Projects
Traffic Long Exposure
Social Projects

Big data for a better society

Italian mobility status

The analysis aims to quantify Italian mobility variations due to the effects of government ordinances to contain the Covid-19 diffusion.


The study is totally anonymous, based on vehicles devices connected to G-evolution telematic platform, and evaluate variances on daily trips and crashes numbers.


City road

surface conditions

The analysis identifies the conditions of the road surface to report any road discrepancies to the competent authorities and ensure the safety of citizens.

The data used are completely anonymous and come from vehicles connected to the G-evolution telematic platform.

The team
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Servizio Clienti:  800 39 29 99 - da estero +39 06 8402 0851

Centrale Operativa Furto:  800 19 55 22 - da estero +39 06 8402 0853

Via del Caucaso 49 - 00144 Roma

G-Evolution's technologies, analysis, software and algorithms are protected by trade secret law. Legal action will be taken against any unlawful use, obtainment or disclosure.

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